An Anniversary to Remember

I recently had the pleasure of designing a pair of gorgeous diamond and opal earrings. The story behind them is just as beautiful as the earrings themselves....

My best friend's five year anniversary was coming up and her boyfriend reached out to me to create something extra special. He knew she had her heart set on something super "blingy", yet something she could wear every day. He wanted to make sure that when she would wear them, they would remind her of their five years together. We added five round brilliant cut diamonds at the top to commemorate the occasion. 

After weeks of re-cutting stones, CAD design, and hand setting, she was going to receive her "surprise" earrings. Her boyfriend, my boyfriend and I had set up a double dinner date and told her it would be super casual. After still not receiving the earrings for a week, she hadn't caught on to our little surprise plan. So the four of us set out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for some margaritas. As soon as they delivered our drinks, I looked right at my best friend and told her I had some serious news. With tears in her eyes already, she nodded to continue speaking... I told her that while the jeweler was setting the opals, one of them cracked. But that we were trying to find a replacement as soon as possible. Though many of you are probably already thinking how we're such horrible people for doing this to her... Just wait haha. As soon as she was about to burst into tears, her boyfriend quickly laid down the wooden box in front of her. She immediately started crying tears of joy. It may not have been the nicest thing to do on our part for tricking her, but her reaction is one I won't ever forget. Any person working in the jewelry industry who has witnessed moments like this will tell you one thing... We all think in that very moment, "This is why I do, what I do for a living." 


Congratulations you two! Love you! 




Post Re-Cutting
Opal and Diamond Layout
Wax Mold
Opals and Diamonds
Opals and Diamonds

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