There's a story behind every piece...

Welcome to the official launch of Pink With Diamonds. 

Let me start off by saying thank you. Thank you to each and everyone of my family and friends I have met on my journey to this point. I wouldn't have been brave enough to do all of this without you. You're all my inspiration. Thank you. 

I never believed a piece of jewelry should be something you just "find" last minute. Jewelry is something incredibly personal. Everyone has different tastes and styles. From the classic bezel Opal pendant to the personalized initial pendants, each piece is different in it's own way. From the early sketches and CAD designs... Down to the polish finish... It's all done with you in mind.  Jewelry should be something that when you look at, you have a memory or a story to tell. The story of love, friendship, laughter, and tears. And that is what I hope to bring to you. I hope you all enjoy these pieces and the many more to come... 

With love,



Rockin' Quartz and Diamond Earrings    

Rockin' Quartz and Diamond Earrings