A ring fit for a queen.


I have always said that besides exchanging vows, a marriage proposal will be the most emotional and memorable moment for a couple in their lives. I recently had the opportunity to work with Adam and Jenny, a local Chicago couple, on creating a custom engagement ring. Upon meeting, I knew that Jenny was adamant about what she wanted in a ring. She wanted something unique, yellow gold, vintage; something she hadn't seen before. I was nervous and excited to have the chance to create this masterpiece. We went over many designs, ideas, and CAD drawings, until Jenny decided the final version was her dream ring. 

When I delivered the finished ring to Adam, he was beaming. He knew that this was exactly what Jenny wanted.


After careful planning, he was excited to propose. Here's the proposal story from Jenny's perspective. 


"All day he was begging me to go on a picnic because it was so nice out and I finally agreed to go even though I was super tired. We have done little picnics in the past at Lincoln Park so I didn't think anything of it. Adam packed a picnic with my favorite meats and cheeses and wine and we headed over to Lincoln Park. When we got there and were setting up he turned to me and said I didn't bring you here for a picnic and then got on one knee and proposed! After he told me to look the other way and my best friend and his sister were there taking photos. It was a perfect evening! We then popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated!"

Congratulations Jenny and Adam!!! Beyond thrilled for you two! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create such a breathtaking ring!


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xoxo, P





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