Silvestri Legacy

The hidden gem of Carmel, CA

Image Courtesy of Silvestri Vineyards

Image Courtesy of Silvestri Vineyards

The Silvestri legacy dates back to 1908 located in the foot of the hills of the Piedmont region in Italy. Their ancestors traveled to the states with the American dream of opportunity and the drive of the Italian spirit. The family eventually branched out from the east coast of New Jersey to Los Angeles before moving to Carmel, California. Food and wine have always been the center of this close family and you can still tell that today in their wine.

The location of their vineyards allows for the Pacific Ocean breeze and the inland heat to create the ideal climate for the vines. When I visited Carmel this past summer, I had the opportunity to taste their wines. As an avid Chardonnay drinker, I fell in love with the freshness of their Bella Sandra, Chardonnay. 

If you’ve ever had a glass of Chardonnay, you may have been turned off by the overly buttery taste. You want to taste the after notes of warm honey and vanilla with the crisp taste of a late fall night. Chardonnay gets a bad rap as being the “generic” white wine. I can guarantee you that even the most hating white wine drinker will find the Bella Sandra quite exceptional. 

Image courtesy of Silvestri Vineyards

Image courtesy of Silvestri Vineyards

Their vineyard is located about 15 miles from the Pacific Coast in Carmel and features some of the most breathtaking views you will ever see! If you are staying in the quaint town of Carmel by the Sea, you can visit their tasting room. There you can purchase wines to drink comfortably in your hotel room or on the beach. (Which is located 8 short blocks from their tasting room!) 

If you are an avid red drinker, be sure to check out their Pinot Noir, Rising Tide. This happens to be their flagship wine that they are best known for! The deep, dramatic taste of their pinot is perfect to drink by the fire and will warm you up on those cold Chicago nights. Who doesn’t love a bit of California warmth during our Chiberia winters??

If you aren’t planning a trip to California anytime soon, you can order Silvestri wine through their website! Silvestri can ship to your door just by clicking this link.

My two other favorites of the Silvestri wines that are under $30 are their Pinot Gris and their Eugenia wine. The Eugenia wine is named after one of the Silvestri’s first family members to come over from Italy! 


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The bottling process at Silvestri Vineyards. Image courtesy of Silvestri Vineyards.

The bottling of the Silvestri Vineyards Bella Sandra, Chardonnay. Image courtesy of Silvestri Vineyards.

My first time ever trying the Silvestri Chardonnay, in Carmel by the Sea, California.

You know it’s love when you purchase a bottle of the Silvestri wine and bring it back to your hotel room! HA!

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