Maternity Must Haves

 People say having a baby is expensive. They aren’t kidding. What they probably don’t tell you is the prep for baby is just as expensive. I have been waiting to write this post for a while... Mostly because I wanted to truly see what I could live without purchasing during my pregnancy. I like to think that I was very fortunate to be pregnant for the majority of summer. This meant trying to make use of as many summer dresses as possible. I’m sharing all of my pregnancy wardrobe must haves that have been a lifesaver for me! What have been your pregnancy wardrobe must haves??

One of my favorite things to wear during my pregnancy has been stretchy jersey style dresses. I love how versatile they are because you can pair them with sandals for the summer or boots and a jacket for the fall. I linked some of my favorites below! 

We have had one crazy summer here in Chicago. There were some days where it felt like October and some where you thought you were in the Sahara Desert haha. I stocked up on a few of my favorites longer sleeve dresses for the end of my pregnancy. Perfect for you mamas due in the late fall or winter! 

For the beginning of my pregnancy I was able to pull off wearing most of my tanks and tees. Once I hit 6 months those went out the window. Combined with an abnormally long torso and a baby bump, I had to invest in some maternity tees and tanks. I couldn’t believe how pricey some could be. I linked all of my favorites, including the Isabel Maternity line at Target, that come in an amazing price point!! (For size reference, I wear all mediums from their line*)


Let’s talk about jeans... Ha! I wish I recorded my husband’s reaction when I wore my first pair of maternity jeans. There’s some normalcy that comes into your life when you feel like you can wear actual pants while pregnant haha. Let alone, comfortable and breathable pants! I linked a bunch of my faves below! I learned that the comfiest maternity jeans tend to be the ones with the stretchy bands on the sides, instead of the ones that go over the belly.