Winter Baby Must Haves

Living in Chicago during the winter time has never been pleasant. I remember trying to stock up on winter baby items before Henry was born. One of the first items I bought was the JJ Cole car seat cover. I have used this religiously with him. Even if it’s 60 degrees by us, the winds are very intense. I love having the security of being able to cover him and shield him from that! Did I mention it’s perfect for carrying the car seat in the rain? Last thing I wanted was to get Henry wet or ruin our carseat fabric! I am linking a few more items I purchased for Henry that I have already used or can’t wait to use this winter! PS- You can use a 20% off BuybuyBaby coupon on the JJ Cole car seat cover! Double mom win!! 

Our Chicago winters can be unbearable! Some days in January it can get down to -14 degrees. I know those will be days that I won’t be leaving our house. But for the cold, slightly warmer days, I bought Henry a few snowsuits to wear! I am linking them below. You can still snag this one for less than $53! 

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