Red, White, and Blue

Trifle Bowl available at Williams Sonoma.

When I told Josh that I wanted to make a dessert for a family 4th of July BBQ he was immediately hesitant. He knows that when I prep or cook anything it turns into a circus that lasts about 2 hours because of my OCD haha. So I promised him I would make something that took less than 20 minutes to create and voila! This is the best thing you can make on the quick and impress any of your guests. And you don’t even have to take the time to make it look pretty because all of the colors do it on their own! 

Best way to make this dessert gluten free!! 

Best way to make this dessert gluten free!! 

My secret weapon for ANY baking (or no bake) recipe!!! 

Crumble and arrange the lady fingers (or wafers) in whatever order you’d like.

For the pudding/custard I used Jell-O pudding cups. I used 12 pudding cups total for this recipe and added the Vanilla Extract to give it a more home made taste!!!