Chicco NaturalFit Baby

Lately I have been educating myself on the newest and greatest baby products out on the market... Can I just mention how overwhelming it can be?? I have spent countless hours reading reviews on Buy Buy Baby for many different products. And as a first time mom I solely rely on doing my research and trying to find what would be best for our first baby, Henry.

One of my favorite finds is the new Chicco NaturalFit Baby Starter Set. This box not only comes with multiple bottles that you can adjust to fit your babies needs, but other useful goodies too! (Not to mention it’s less than $60- perfect for a shower gift) I love that this set comes with a microwave sterilizer box. This handy box is also great for transporting all of our baby’s bottles if we were to travel for a family vacation!! Also, it may be my Polish mom side coming out but I did a little happy dance when I discovered the awesome cleaning brush in this set! It has two brushes in one! The main brush is perfect to clean those large bottles. The mini detachable brush is handy to get all those hard to reach places especially in the nipples for the bottles where milk tends to collect.

As a new mom I am extremely careful over what we purchase for our baby that is chemical free and safe. I love that all of the Chicco NaturalFit products are BPA free. This box set also comes with two BPA free silicone pacifiers that come in a separate travel box. My husband agrees this will be useful when I ask him to locate them in our diaper bag haha! 

I would love to learn if you have any used any of the Chicco NaturalFit Baby products and which ones you loved!  

XO, Paula

*Chicco provided product for the post. Opinions are all my own.*