A day in the life of Henry...


There are so many moments that no person, book, or article can prepare you for when it comes to being a first time parent. One of the greatest obstacles my husband and I have had was figuring out what works best for us, our son and our schedule. The best piece of advice my mom gave me was to create a routine for Henry. I grew up with all of my cousins having bath time each and every night. I know it may excessive to some, but for our family it worked! Unfortunately, we couldn’t start full bath time with Henry until he was about two weeks old. For the first two weeks at home we would do sponge baths. He was still so new so he didn’t really know what was going on. I remember the first time we gave him a bath he loved it! He ended up crying when we took him out of the tub haha. Fast forward almost three months and this kid is obsessed with bath time!

I had so many of you message me asking for our bedtime schedule and I hope that some of this will help guide you mamas! This may be a little backwards but I’ll start with our evening schedule and work our way into our day schedule. We usually wait for my husband to get home from work which is around 6 pm. And just like clockwork, Henry starts getting super fussy usually starting around 6:20/6:30. I sometimes try to hold him off by playing with him or giving him about 2 oz of milk. I can now tell just when it’s game over and we have to start bath time. The second Henry hears the water running into the tub he stops crying. He becomes so smiley and playful. His favorite is literally laying on our bed in just a diaper because he knows he’s about to go into the water. We use this tub for him and I love that the hammock is washable. I researched so many baby tubs and this one was my favorite. Not to mention it’s only $45! I make sure to keep a container of hot water next to the tub to refill it throughout bath time so the water is consistently warm. I also keep the room temperature at 74 degrees. I keep a wet washcloth over his tummy to help keep him warm as well. Once bath time is over, I have his pi’s, lotion, and extras laying on the side. One of his favorite things is lotion time. I dry him off and use this Burt’s Bees Baby Ointment. It gets so dry here in Chicago during the winter and I hate the idea of all the chemicals in generic baby oil. Lately I have been putting a white onesie under his footed pi’s and I think it helps him sleep better because it’s warmer. Once he’s dressed I swaddle only his bottom half (legs and tummy) - Henry has always hated having his arms swaddled. Then I put one of his fuzzy blankets over him. I make sure the lights are dimmed (we keep one nightstand light on) and I give him a warmed bottle of 5 oz of breastmilk. The warmed milk makes a huge difference for bedtime with him. By the time he’s had 4 oz, he’s already dozing off.

*I should preface by also mentioning we keep a cool mist humidifier going in our room and his Skip Hop Owl Noise Machine

I usually rock him for about 20 minutes and by 8 pm he is out cold. Some nights it will happen that he will wake up and want a little more milk or need a quick diaper change. I do all this with the lights off and no talking! We have been using his Chicco Bassinet since the day we brought him home from the hospital. I love it! We keep it right next to our bed. I love that it’s small enough that it doesn’t take over the room and sturdier than other bassinets I have seen. 

We have broken the rules a few times and allowed him to cosleep in our bed. Before you lecture me on the dangers of cosleeping, just know that I did enough research and it is something my husband and I had discussed religiously. We don’t cosleep with him unless he’s super fussy around 3:30/4 am. 


Our day schedule consists of all three of us leaving the house at the same time. My husband works in the city and I work two jobs from home. We leave the house together around 7:30 am. My mom, fortunately lives 5 minutes from our condo. I pack Henry up in the car seat and she helps me with him so I can work. He usually dozes off in the car seat and naps once we arrive at my moms for about 45 minutes. In those 45 minutes, I eat breakfast, pump and get started on work. Once he wakes up from his nap, it’s diaper time and milk. At this time (8;30/9 am) he will eat a full 5-6 oz. 

Throughout the day we average about 3-5 oz every 1.5 to 2 hours. Henry takes a nap after playtime and a bottle for about 45 minutes. Once 5 pm hits we start heading back to our condo. I have never been a fan of schedules because I get bored very easily. However, I have learned that a schedule is the greatest thing for Henry. I would love to hear all about what works for you and your baby. It is so important to share with each other because so many of you have amazing advice! I am beyond thankful for the large group of women I have met through Instagram. Comment below with all your favorite tricks you have learned that work for you and your baby! 


xoxo, P 

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