Walt Disney World


Someone was just so excited for our Ferry ride into Magic Kingdom!


Their faces!!! I just can’t!!! Love them!


Note to self… Next time bring the jogging stroller!


Holy Disney!!!

This blog post is something that I thought “never in a million years would I write about this”! As a little girl who was enamored with princesses, Disney, and somehow being a superhero princess… I had never been to Disney. I grew up in an immigrant family where our main concern was to pay rent, bills, and making sure that we spent time together. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how big of a deal it was to be able to go to Disney. Maybe I am biased but I feel like we take something like “going to Disney” for granted. It felt like a massive privilege to be able to walk through those gates and experience the magic. When Josh’s parents dropped us off at the entrance to Walt Disney World my heart exploded. I actually looked at Josh (even with the 150 other people around us) and my inner 5 year old said “I am home!”. For those of you who have never visited Walt Disney World, I invite you to join me on this journey! This is an experience I will never forget!

This post is one of the most detailed post I will probably ever do. I received many questions about our trip and I want to make sure I answer each and every single one of them!

Would you recommend taking a baby to Disney? Or a 1-2 year old?

Yes! When people found out we were planning to go to Disney with Henry they told us it would be a waste. But honestly, he had fun! I know he might not remember it but watching his eyes light up each time the characters would come out singing from the castle… Or watching the parade come through the town… It was something I know I will never forget. I also know that even though he might not remember, he will still have pictures and videos to look back on. We are also planning on taking him in the future as he gets older! The goal is to take him every year if not ever couple years.

What tips do you have going with a baby/toddler to Disney?

I have two big tips that I have been telling moms over and over!

1. You need a stroller!!! I regret not having my in laws bring our bigger jogging stroller because it had a better visor to protect Henry from the sun. Our umbrella stroller also didn’t recline as far back as our jogging stroller. There is so much to see and so much to do in Disney! It’s a lot of walking so your little will tire quickly… Or your arms will haha!

2. If you can - bring only one bag! We brought our HAPP backpack with us and filled it with lots of snacks, water, and extra clothes for Henry! If you’re going with a little be sure to pack 1-2 extra shirts! I am so happy that I did because it was so hot that Henry was soaking wet in sweat when he woke up from his nap. The main reason I say to bring one bag is security. We got there as soon as Disney was opening and the lines were madness! Because we only had one bag to search we got through security much quicker.

What’s the best way to save on food at Disney?

SNACKS!!! Our resort was amazing and we were able to ship a lot to them and hold until we arrived. (We stayed at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa) I packed apple sauce pouches and pirate booty for Henry. I also made sure we had some fresh fruit in containers so he stayed hydrated (think watermelon, clementines, cantaloupe) I also made sure we had many bottles of water! (Water at Disney is $5-6 a bottle!!!) If you don’t have room for numerous water bottles, you can bring an empty refillable bottle and fill it up at the water fountains. The only pain with that is that they’re far and few throughout the park. One of our favorite restaurants that didn’t break the bank was Gaston’s Pub! They had giant sub sandwich that were made on french baguette bread with ham, seed dijon mustard and brie! Honestly probably one of the best sandwiches I have had in a long time! And it was only $9!

Which Disney park is best for smaller children?

We visited both Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom and I would have to say that Magic Kingdom is the best for littles. There is much more to see and there’s more rides they can go on.

Which rides did you go on and which rides would you recommend for littles?

We went on the Magic Carpet Ride (by Aladdin) and we also went on the spinning tea cups! Both are perfect for littles.

While Henry was napping we walked around and checked times for all the rides and holy cow the wait was insane! We didn’t purchase a fast pass but we did learn one small trick! If you go on the rides during the parades there’s only a 5-10 minute wait! (Compared to an 1+ hours) Everyone in the park is by the castle watching the parade and no one goes on the rides. So if you’re ok missing the parade that’s one great way to skip the wait without purchasing the fast pass!

Besides food and water one of my other diaper bag must haves was sun screen! Unfortunately, Josh didn’t put any on so by 1 pm he was as red as a tomato haha! I applied sunscreen on Henry before we left our hotel and then continued to apply a couple times during the day.


They aren’t kidding when they call it “Magic Kingdom”. There is truly nothing like Walt Disney World and I cannot wait to return with our little family and create more magical memories!

xo, P