Lunch With EZPZ

Happy 2019 everyone!!!

As a busy mom, I struggle with trying to find time to make sure Henry eats healthy meals ALL the time. Let’s face it, some days you hand them an apple sauce pouch and cheese stick and call it lunch haha. The best trick I learned recently was meal prep! I try to buy organic frozen veggies and use them in Henry’s favorite Mac N Cheese. He doesn’t even notice haha! I keep our pantry stocked with his favorite Annie’s Mac N Cheese and our freezer stocked with frozen veggies that I can throw in together.

Over the last month, Henry has become more independent and it comes with it’s pros and cons. The pros are that I am able to give him food and he can feed himself. And the cons are the messes he can potentially create while “feeding” himself! That’s why I have partnered with EZPZ to share our favorite bowls and plates that promote self feeding.

I love that all of their packaging lists the total ounces you can fit into each dish. (For example his bowl holds 8 ounces of food) Did you know that EZPZ Is also dishwasher safe, BPA/BPS/PVC/Phthalate free, hypoallergenic, and basically indestructible?! “That’s a mouthful there, sister!” (no pun intended haha)


“Mom! Are you done?!”

In Partnership with EZPZ. All opinions are my own.