Skin Care Routine...

I have never been one of those people that was good at taking care of themselves. After having Henry I suffered from mild PPD and PPA*. There would be days where I wanted to hide from the world and not see or talk to anyone besides my mom or husband. I work from home so it was easy to hide from everyone. It wasn’t until I broke down a few times to my husband that I knew I wanted to find ways to help deal with the anxiety and depression. I would have moments even driving in the car sitting at a stop light thinking that someone was going to hit our car and kill us. I would feel anxious letting anyone hold Henry thinking something was going to happen to him. That’s when I knew something was wrong and I needed to seek help. (*I am by no means a doctor or psychiatrist so please if you are feeling any forms or symptoms of PPD or PPA please contact your doctor.) I digress... I wanted to find ways to take care of myself physically (other than medication) so one of the first things I started routinely was drinking more water. Not only did I notice a difference in my skin but also in my energy and milk supply. The days I drank less water, I would wakeup with darker circles under my eyes and very little energy. We live in Chicago so during the winter months my skin would get so dry I felt like the second I applied moisturizer it would suck it right up. I am sharing all my favorite every day skin products that helped me feel better physically and mentally. It’s very true when they say “When you look your best, you feel your best”. 

Photos by Ania Photography.

I used to be an avid Clarisonic user for years. I never realized why my skin was always so dry and torn up until I stopped using it. The brushes (even the softest) were tearing up my skin and not really cleaning it up. I just recently started using the Foreo Cleansing Brush and it is a game changer! I love how soft the silicone beads feel on my skin and I love the multiple speed settings. I can adjust it to if I want to cleanse a full face of makeup or just prep my skin for the day when I wake up. The regular brush itself will run you about $100, but I use this set from them for only $39! I use the day and night facial cleansers from the set and I love the natural scents! They are also great because they’re filled with probiotics. 

Even with the facial cleansers, I would still have some mascara residue. My favorite makeup remover is hands down coconut oil haha. It’s the greatest thing! I apply a small dab on a qtip and it takes it right off without drying out the skin under my eyes. I buy jars at a time from Trader Joe’s. 

For moisturizer I love using the Immortelle Youth Divine Oil from L’Occitaine. I love that the scent isn’t overwhelming. I am super sensitive to perfumes and having them on my face makes it even worse. My mom and I have been huge L’Occitaine lovers since I can remember. I used their Shea Butter lotions throughout my pregnancy and postpartum and swear by it! The Divine Oil from L’Occitaine is pricier than most products but it’s very concentrated so a little goes a long way. 

When it comes to blemishes I have been an avid user of Murad products. If I see a pimple coming along I will use the Skin Perfecting Lotion and apply it directly to the problem area. Within a couple of hours the redness and bumpiness has gone down. I love how quickly it works. It is also the one product that doesn’t dry out my skin. I love this set from Murad because it has smaller sizes of the products so you can see what will work for you!