Mother’s Day Brunchin’


When I was about 8 months pregnant with Henry, our friend Eddie, reached out to us and asked “Do you guys want to come with me to my friends restaurant opening?” We were hearing rumors about an Italian restaurant opening a mere two blocks away from our apartment and being the foodies that we are... We couldn’t resist. I was due with Henry on October 12th, and no matter all the things I tried, the kid decided to play house until the 16th. I remember being in the hospital on that Wednesday recovering, and Josh saying to me “We’re still going with Eddie on Saturday right?!” I didn’t know if I was going to kill him or what hahaha. Like come on, I just had a baby on Monday... you want me to go to a restaurant opening on Saturday night?! Well... we did. Josh’s parents watched Henry and even though we were only two blocks away it was the hardest night I have had in a long time. However, I remember walking into Passero for their “preview night” and being blown away by the decor. It was like all my Fixer Upper fantasies come to life. And to think... It was only 2 blocks from our place! The smell of fresh mozzarella and cabernet engulfed me and I was in heaven. Fast forward about 6 months and Passero has become our weekly go to for date nights, family Saturday day dates, and our escape from reality. Everything from the customer service to the food and the ambience is perfection. So when they asked me bring Henry along for a Mother’s Day shoot I couldn’t resist. We sampled their Mother’s Day brunch menu and it was phenomenal. Chef Matt and his crew brought out every food day dream I have seen on Instagram to life. I remember sending Josh pictures during our shoot and him getting so upset he wasn’t there to experience all of the delicious food! I should also mention that their pasta is made IN HOUSE!!! How amazing is that?! I hope all of you beautiful mamas have an amazing Mother’s Day! 

xoxo, P

Sponsored by Passero

Photography by Savannah Remington