7 Months With Henry...

Before I had Henry I thought I would be one of those moms posting monthly pictures and updates on my blog... Little did I know just how busy I would be working from home and taking care of him haha. I have serious respect for all my fellow blogging moms who have succeeded greatly and having that balance. I receive messages daily from all you amazing parents out there asking about our favorite products, feeding schedules, or what products actually work for us. So today I am sharing all of our favorite products that we actually use daily and have been for the last few months! I would love to hear if you have used any of these products and what your opinions are! 

xoxo, P

Henry has never been a fan of tummy time. Which in result I think is why he refuses to crawl. His favorite thing to do the last few weeks has been walking while you hold him under his arms. He is incredibly active and if you ever hold him you have to have a tight grip or he will try to fling himself off of you. 

I am sure like so many of you I feel like I am constantly buying more and more baby clothes. When Henry was about 6 months old he was still wearing size 3 diapers from the Kirkland Costco brand. Within 2 weeks I had to go out and buy size 4 diapers haha. I am praying he will continue to stay in that size because the next size is meant for toddlers! I swear this kid grows at the speed of light. He also loves “grown up" food! I have had 3 occasions on which I need to open a box of crackers before paying for them in the store haha. I now have to keep snacks on hand at all times. 

Speaking of eating... I have been trying to make an effort to feed him a solid before bedtime. I have noticed he will sleep longer if I feed him an avocado or baked apple before we give him a bath in addition to his nightly bottle. I am not sure if it fills him up better or if it’s because he doesn’t pee as much haha. For feeding at our house we have him sit in the Peg Perego highchair. My family has been using Peg Perego highchairs for YEARS! So when I found out I was pregnant I was dead set on registering for one. I love how I fits perfectly in our galley style kitchen so I can entertain him/feed him while cooking dinner. You can shop our highchair here. 

I love seeing all the babies on my newsfeed that were born around the same time as Henry. One thing I like to emphasize is that every baby is different. They can achieve milestones at the same time or differently. Thank you for sharing your life with me! I hope you enjoy my daily Henry picture spam on your news feeds as well!

xoxo, P