Making Memories With Deer Park Town Center

This year Mother’s Day and our wedding anniversary fall on the same day! I am beyond excited because this is my first Mother’s Day! This past weekend we had the chance to go together as a family to Deer Park Town Center so I can give Josh some gift ideas haha. We had gorgeous weather to enjoy at this fabulous outdoor mall. I have been going to Deer Park Town Center since I was a teenager with my mom. I have so many fond memories here with her on the Saturdays we would spend with just us girls. What I love most about Deer Park is that they have all my favorite go to stores from Williams Sonoma to Anthropologie. I love that each store has a large selection of items and always keeps things in stock. I love knowing I can go straight to a store and pickup exactly what I need. 

One of our first stops was Evereve. This store is every mom’s dream! The employees are so sweet and helpful. One of them mentioned to me that sometimes moms come in and they hold and play with the babies so the moms can shop stress free! How amazing is that? They also have the greatest selection of various designers and all different price points. When I went into the store, the ladies could tell I was feeling a bit rushed and stressed because Henry was being super fussy. They helped select outfit options including jewelry and shoes and put it all in a fitting room for me. They have a huge section with comfy chairs and toys for kids and babies to play with. How phenomenal does this store sound?! Did I mention they had goldfish snacks on the counter haha? I love that Evereve is conveniently located at Deer Park Town Center so I can shop stress free. I picked out some great “mama” tees that I can’t wait to wear come Mother’s Day. 

Our next stop was one of my go to favorites... Anthropologie! I have been burning the Capri Volcano candle for years in my house! For smaller spaces I love the mini jars. I am also a huge sucker for coffee mugs. I drink so much coffee throughout the day haha. My favorite mugs are the monogram ones from Anthropologie. I buy a new mug for my own mom each year to the point where she now has a cabinet full haha. It makes my life so much easier when Anthropologie gift wraps for me so it is one less thing for me to worry about!

One of our stops was Williams Sonoma. It’s so much fun when they’re sampling out items from their new collections. They were making these delicious nacho bites using their new Chili Lime Mix that we picked up. I LOVE to cook and come up with new meal ideas and with summer coming up I wanted to check out their margarita mix selection. My favorite from them is the Jalapeño Lime Mix. At this point in our day Henry was getting super tired (as you can tell in the picture haha) We quickly checked out their monogram drinking glasses and bread mixes. They have a key lime pie bread mix that is available gluten free. I buy so many bags each year and it’s a great quick dessert idea for summer bbqs! The employees at the Deer Park Town Center are very helpful! Even if you’re stumped on a gift idea, they can help put something together for the special mom in your life. 


Those of you who know my husband, Josh, know that his least favorite thing to do is to go shopping. However, after our trip to Deer Park Town Center, Josh said he felt like he was on vacation! I think it’s safe to say that I have finally sold him on going shopping haha. I also learned that Deer Park Town Center offers gift with purchase incentives quite frequently. For example this month you can visit their main office with proof of a $200 receipt from any of their stores or restaurants for a pair of tickets to see the Temple Lipizzans. Our trip to Deer Park Town Center was a great memory that we were able to share together as a family and I can’t wait to visit again!

Sponsored by Deer Park Town Center. All opinions are my own.