A foodie in the making...

This blog post has been a long time coming. Between wedding band season, Henry’s christening and Mother’s Day jewelry orders life has been crazy. I’m sorry it’s taken this long for this post but here it is.... 


We started introducing foods to Henry when he was around 4 months. (Disclaimer: I am not a pediatrician or doctor- please consult your doctor before introducing foods to your baby.) I received a lot of hate messages from other moms saying I was “poisoning my baby” or that I was a “horrible mother” for forcing food onto my child. Well... When Henry was about 3.5 months old he would cry and throw fits while we ate breakfast. He would reach for our food and throw tantrums because he was curious and wanted to try it. I started off by putting foods I was eating like avocado to his lips. He would in return throw him arms and kick his legs in excitement haha.


At our 4 month appointment, our pediatrician said that if we decided to we could start introducing purees like sweet potatoes and avocados to Henry. I was only hesitate because I remember all these other moms “mom-shamming” me into thinking that introducing a food to my child made me an unfit mother. So I did it privately. We had been exclusively breastfeeding and I knew that he was continuously hungry. But he was hungry for solids. Our first that we did was avocado. Right away he had a natural instinct to move his jaw and swallow. As a mom that made me extremely happy and comfortable to continue introducing more food.


We continued with avocados and introduced steamed sweet potatoes. He LOVED sweet potatoes. Another food we introduced once in a while was bananas. He loved bananas but if he had too much it would make him constipated so now we eat them on occasion. When Henry turned 5 months I remember sitting eating breakfast and he kept reaching for my breakfast foods. I kept trying to feed him the avocado on my plate but the kid kept spitting it out and reaching for the turkey bacon haha.

At around 5.5 months our pediatrician told us we could introduce some chicken or ground turkey. I wasn’t completely comfortable feeding it to him as a whole so I began blending it into his purees. Once every 2 weeks I steam sweet potatoes, carrots, and boiled chicken. I do not season the chicken but boil it (chicken breast diced), drain it, and then puree it with the other two ingredients. I had a mom message me a great hack for storing these purees in the freezer! You can pour the purees into ice cubes trays (silicone ones work great!) I store his frozen purees for about 1-2 months. However, we go through them so quickly they usually last about 2 weeks. If you decide to refrigerate the purees, they can last about 5-7 days. 

Our daily feeding schedule starts with a 5-6 oz bottle of milk. He will usually drink this in the morning around 6/7 am. (Henry wakes up around 5/530 am and naps at around 6:30 am) When he wakes up from his nap he will eat one container of the Stonyfield Baby yogurt or an entire avocado. Then throughout the day he will snack on his “candy” as we call it haha. I buy the Happy Family brand puffs, wafers, and yogis. (see pictures below) Around 2/3 pm I feed him his second puree or avocado. Henry gets about 3-4 bottles throughout the day. When I first introduced formula to him, I would do 2 oz breastmilk and 3 oz of mixed formula. We also use the Happy Family brand formula and have had zero issues. After bath time (which lately has been around 6:30) he gets a bedtime bottle of about 6 oz of milk. 

I tried to go over all of the questions that I get dm’d but if I missed anything feel free to comment below! I would love to hear what your baby’s favorite foods are. Comment below with your daily go to foods or tips! 

xoxo, P