Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Pt 1


It’s finally here!!! The sale most of us wait an entire year for. I remember first shopping this sale years ago and walking into Nordstrom with my mom not realizing why everyone was going crazy haha! This sale creates some amazing memories for my mom and I! We shop the catalog before hand and focus on what we need for fall/winter first! Then we indulge on our favorite makeup and beauty buys! Last year I stocked up on so many great baby finds for Henry. His snow suit (that I bought in two separate sizes) was restocked for this year and I cannot recommend it enough! And it’s under $30!!! Today I will be sharing all of my favorite “All about Mama” purchases from the Nordstrom Sale. Happy Shopping!!! 


This sweater is perfection! How it isn’t sold out yet I have no clue! It reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream haha! So much so that Henry tried to chew on it!