Baby’s Day Out...


Lately this kid is ALWAYS on the move. He points to everything and says “Ah!”. I’m starting to get a little concerned with his obsession with candles haha. He literally starts shaking when he sees one! He gets extremely frustrated that he can’t just let go of the coffee table (while standing) and magically cross over to the play area. We officially have one tooth on top and one on bottom!! YAY! I thought he was going to look like the grandpa from UP. Anyways... One thing I have been stocking up for fall is layers. For both of us! Living in Chicago, you’ll leave the house in the morning and it’ll be 45 degrees outside and by noon it’ll hit 80. These See Kai Run have been our fave for Henry to wear while holding his hand so he can practice walking. I love how supportive they are on his ankles so he doesn’t roll his foot over. I would love to hear about your favorite brands for fall baby clothes! Comment below with your faves!!!