Weekends With ONEHOPE Wine...


Happy Monday!!! This weekend we tried to disconnect from our phones and it was AMAZING! Josh works Monday-Friday and I swear the only time we get together is the 30 minutes-1 hour that Henry goes to bed each night. That’s if we’re not already beyond exhausted, I give up on responding to emails, etc. Unfortunately, we recently cut Henry down to two naps during the day...

So for me that means less time to focus on work, house stuff, meal planning, cleaning and everything else under the sun. It’s. Exhausting. I belong to many mom support groups on Facebook and there’s constant back and forth of who works the hardest of moms who stay at home, moms who work full time, and moms who work from home. And let me tell you... As a mom who works from home... All three are the HARDEST job you will ever do! If you’re a SAHM, you’re a saint. Or you have the patience of a saint haha. Your job is never ending. You’re always alone, yet you never get alone time. If you’re a working mom, you’re dealing with the guilt of leaving your baby in the care of someone else. Missing moments during the day that you would sell a kidney for to experience. You’re living with the thought that maybe... One day... Your child/children will realize the sacrifices you made to give them a better life. If you’re a work from home mom... Well CHEERS TO YOU! Because I do that day in and day out... I am writing this because I can only speak from experience. I used to grieve over when people would judge me and say “ Oh, she doesn’t work. Josh has to support them and she just hangs out at home all day.” Someone hold my cocktail. NOPE. I may not make as much money as my husband but you can bet, I am standing there with a baby on my hip or attached to my boob on the phone with another building department or diamond vendor. ( I help run my dad’s plumbing company along with my own jewelry company) It’s the side of me that not many people see. It’s exhausting. Before I was married I would day dream of my future being like this. And now the reality is where I just say screw it and tell my husband we’re having Dominos for dinner haha. I am sure many of you can relate to this. Don’t get me wrong... I love stress cleaning the house and making sure we’re all eating healthy meals throughout the week. But some days you end up eating string cheese and a bag of pirate booty for dinner. 


So this past weekend, we planned to shoot some photos for a few upcoming campaigns. It was a rare occasion because Henry happened to fall asleep on our walk to the park. I can’t remember the last time we weren’t balancing him while trying to shoot pictures. Our mission was to shoot this ONEHOPE wine and guess what?! We actually had a mini picnic just the two of us while Henry napped in his stroller haha! It was the best 1.5 hours we’ve had in a long time thanks to the perfect weather. I get messages all the time in regards to if I have any marriage advice. It’s funny because we’ve barely been married for 2 years haha. But the two most important things especially with a baby is communication and to make the effort to spend time alone together. Even if it’s just for an hour or two. Some days we turn on a new show on Netflix and other days set up a cheese board at our dining room table and just talk. I love that with each bottle of ONEHOPE Wine that we serve or drink that we are also doing good! This particular bottle helps one hope restore our environment. For every case sold of this Sauvignon Blanc, ONEHOPE plants six trees. So order your bottle today, sit back, and enjoy that quiet time when baby finally sleeps. 


xoxo, P