Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief


Happy Tuesday!!! Funny to think I almost wrote Wednesday again. (If you watch my insta-stories you’ll know I have awful mom brain haha) We are the hot mess express over here lately! At 10 months old, Henry went from having no teeth... To having 8-9 coming at once! It’s exhausting and heartbreaking to constantly hear your baby crying and so irritable. I heard about Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief tablets from my SIL’s best friend. She is one of those moms who stays up late doing research after research on each and every baby product out there! What I also love is she is a huge believer in incorporating a homeopathic lifestyle into your busy life. The newly released Hyland’s tablets were something I have been on the hunt for for quite some time. We had extremely great success using their cold tablets a few months ago. Between the Hyland’s Cold Relief and our Nose-Frida, Henry’s cold was over in less than 2 days! 

Since last week I had been alternating Henry with Motrin and Ibuprofen. I knew I wanted something that I didn’t feel guilty giving him to help relief some pain. My biggest fear is giving him too much.

The greatest thing about the ingredients in the Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief is that they’re all natural. I spent some time researching the ingredients and I knew I wanted to share them with more moms. For example the most obvious and well known ingredient is Chamomilla (natural sleep/calming aid and is safe for babies). Arnica Montana (also known as Wolf’s Bane) being another ingredient... I remember using Arnica on my bruises, blisters, etc. It’s a natural relief for pain, swelling, bruising, muscle pain, etc. Coffea Cruda is a homeopathic remedy to sleeplessness from hyperactivity. Most of you know that when your baby just becomes so hysterical... Whether it’s from pain or being overtired, they simply don’t know how to calm themselves down. 

We started giving Henry the tablets last week every once in a while when he started acting irritable. As a mom, it’s just a natural instinct when you know your baby is in pain. I love that I don’t feel guilty giving him these tablets. They work almost instantly! We had so many issues giving him the liquid Ibuprofen or Motrin. He is not a good medicine taker. But he loves these! They dissolve as soon as they go in his mouth and they’re tiny that he thinks he’s eating a snack haha. I received a lot of messages from fellow moms as to when we feel the best time is to give your baby these... We have had the best luck to give them to him before bath time. This way they started working by the time he had to go to bed.

I hope to share with you that even though it’s time consuming to do your research, it’s worth it! I also want to add that these *NEW Hyland Oral Pain Relief tablets do not contain the ingredient, Belladonna from the original tablets. I have had many of you message me thinking these were the original ones that were taken off the market. Please do your own research before you take any sort of medication. Even if someone recommends it to you or advertises it. This review is all my own opinion and is in no way sponsored by Hyland’s. 

xoxo, P