Henry’s Book Corner

Happy Friday!!! I can’t believe the weekend is finally here! One of my favorite things growing up was how much my dad loved books. We didn’t come from much and didn’t have expensive things but we always had books. And I am talking a lot of books haha. My parents have a library in the basement of their house that I absolutely love! I knew before Henry was born I wanted to make sure he had his own little book corner in his nursery. However, all of the shelving systems I found freaked me out. He loves to climb and I kept thinking that he was going to have a shelf fall on him. Last weekend we went to IKEA and found the perfect shelves! We bought two of these wall mounted shelves and a smaller one to put on the floor. I feel that these three shelves are a perfect fit because we can put the board puts on the floor shelves and the nicer, paper ones on the shelves mounted to the wall. The best part… These were all a little over $50 and unlike other IKEA items, they took only 20 minutes to put together and mount all three shelves! You can shop these shelves here!

xoxo, P