Romantic Weekend at Hotel Metro Milwaukee


Happy (Tuesday!!) I can honestly say that before we had Henry I thought we would be traveling more (even with him), having more date nights, romantic getaways.. Boy was I wrong haha! It’s been hard trying to spend time together with a crazy work schedule for both of us and a fixer upper house. After working with one of my favorite wedding band clients they invited us to their upcoming wedding in Milwaukee. We have been wanting to go to Milwaukee for quite some time and thought this would be an amazing opportunity! Not only did we become really good friends with my clients but them and their family are a riot! So we decided to brave the weather, pack up the Vanderhall and drive to Milwaukee for an overnight romantic weekend.


Not going to lie, the drive was quite interesting haha. I remember prior to arriving I spoke with the hotel for hair salon recommendations. Hotel Metro told me about this adorable salon that is two doors down from them (Talk about convenience!) called Scottfree Salons. I needed a blow dry with some heavy duty conditioner pretty bad after driving 2 hours in the Vanderhall! We were stuck in the worst traffic and I was worried I was going to miss my appointment. We arrived at Hotel Metro Milwaukee with less than 6 minutes to spare! As we pulled up to the hotel I was mesmerized by the vintage charm (it’s been around since 1937!) and their bright blue awning and doors. Fun fact about the hotel is that it was the first building in Milwaukee to have full central air-conditioning!


From the moment you walk into the lobby you are greeted by their incredibly friendly staff. They were so patient with my flustered schedule and helped get me checked in very quickly so I wouldn’t miss my appointment. We went upstairs to our room and were greeted by a delicious bottle of wine and some snacks! It was the perfect surprise after a long car ride!


After my hair appointment we had the chance to grab some cocktails in the bar and head upstairs to the rooftop! Yes, rooftop! Who doesn’t love cocktails and city views?! As soon as we walked into their bar we felt like we went back in time. Straight out of a The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel set! All the brass details, leather stools, and handcrafted cocktails. (If you stay at the Hotel Metro Milwaukee, I HIGHLY recommend their fries! I am a fry snob and these were the perfect combo of crispy fries and cajun seasoning.) If you have a hungrier appetite, I also recommend checking out their restaurant, Pastiche at the Metro. Their Croque Monsieur is the next best thing without having to go to the French Market!


After the wedding we woke up the next morning in desperate need of carbs and coffee haha! I mean this wedding had a whiskey bar (in addition to their regular bar!) and a late night pizza truck). We headed downstairs for some much needed coffee and breakfast. We wanted to take in the rooftop some more so we grabbed our coffees to go and headed upstairs. The views made me fall more in love with this gorgeous hotel and Milwaukee. They even throw wedding ceremonies on their rooftop!


We can’t wait to go back and visit and sit by this fireplace with some drinks late at night!


This post has been sponsored by Hotel Metro Milkwaukee. All opinions are my own.

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