Home Sweet Home with Lurvey

It’s finally here!!! Our exterior home makeover has been in the making for months and I am so excited to share this beautiful project that the team at Lurvey and I have been working on!


For months our house was basically a graveyard of where landscaping was long forgotten.


The best decision we made was to remove the “mustache” of overgrown bushes in front of our house. We had neighbors come up to us and tell us they never even knew there was brick there haha!

My family and I have been shopping at Lurvey for many years. I knew when we were ready to tackle our landscaping that I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. From the quality of their landscape products to the genuine care of their employees, Lurvey goes above and beyond to not let a single detail go unnoticed. We set up a series of “date nights” with a few other couples to meet and discuss our front yard project. I think we can safely say that Josh wasn’t opposed to our cheese and drink date night to discuss our project haha. What some people don’t know is that Lurvey offers one on one design consults (not just our fun date night) for each of their clients. I’m linking all the information here. During our project we worked with Thom Kenly who was incredibly knowledgable and patient. And believe me… I had hundreds of questions and concerns. Thom worked with Josh and I to make sure the final design not only fit our lifestyle (who has time to water and manicure plants nowadays??). He also made sure that our design mixed elements of Josh’s modern style and my rustic, wild style. We worked together with Thom using our Plat of Survey to make sure that each foot of our front was responsibly and aesthetically pleasing.

Fun fact - When you design your project with Lurvey, you receive 10% off your purchase of

materials for your project!


One of the most important parts… No grow cover! There is nothing I hate more than weeds!


One of my favorite parts is the Weeping Norway Spruce. I love plants that have a unique look and we have already received many compliments and questions on it! Come Christmas time, it’ll be the perfect “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree”!


I had mentioned the high quality of Lurvey products and they truly don’t mess around! We went with 15” Boxwood plants that I swear weighed 50-70 pounds each!


I love that Thom came up with the idea of extending the sides of our landscaping to create more dimension and curb appeal to our simple ranch style home.


One of my biggest worries was our “eye sore” of a gas meter… We planted 4 large Feather Reed grasses that will completely conceal the gas meter next year!

If you join the Lurvey Garden Club you will receive 1 point for every $20 spent! 1 point equates to $1! I went to Lurvey again today and only had to pay for half my purchase thanks to my points!


For the right hand front corner we went with Summer Beauty Alliums and Calamint. Calamint smells amazing! Unlike other mint varieties this particular mint is sterile so it won’t spread and seed throughout the yard.


Throughout the whole planting process, Henry would help bring over the smaller plants and shovel mulch all over haha. It definitely wasn’t the easiest trying to plant everything with him there but it was quite the experience. Since we started this project I would take him with me to Lurvey to explore the plants and see all their fish ponds. He’s still a little too young but I am excited to have him start their Kids Garden Club!


This project has been sponsored by Lurvey. All opinions are my own.

Final Photos shot by Matt Adema.