Camo-ing into Fall with Marley Lilly Kids

Happy Monday! Last weekend we had (I hope!) our last massive heatwave here in Illinois… This week we are starting out with temps in the lower 70’s and we’re finally feeling the crisp mornings and nights! I spent our weekend switching our some of our summer wardrobe to some longer sleeves and sweaters. One of my favorite things in the fall is taking lots of cute family pictures and matching up our outfits whenever I can!

I always struggled with finding pieces that were made for mommy and me but specifically mommy and “son”. I love that Marley Lilly and Marley Lilly Kids have so many options for us boy moms! And don’t worry - they have so MANY matching girl outfits too! If we had another kid you bet I would be matching both of them with Marley Lilly Kids outfits! We ordered my Monogrammed Dress to match Henry’s long sleeve tee (perfect for fall!) with our classic monograms.


Henry’s “cheese” face is closing his eyes and smiling haha! I love this toddler stage!


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